Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you only carry Specialized bicycles?

The Specialized brand is well-known and recognized as one today's "big three" brands, along with Trek and Cannondale. While many shops carry some smaller, higher-end brands as well, you'll usually find one of the big three as a staple. Since Specialized's line offers great diversity and serves the needs of Foxco customers, it's the chosen brand to focus on.

Where can I ride my bike off-road around here?

There's a huge amount of off-road riding around the area, and even more just a short drive away. With the varied New England climate, even the same places offer quite a different challenge depending on the season. Some local favorites are:

What are some good on-road rides around here?

Again, the varied climate and terrain of the area allows for any sort of on-road riding you're looking for. There are plenty of loops around the area, leading West towards the Tyngsboro/Groton area, and to the North, the hilly back roads of Pelham & Hudson, NH to name a few.

For those who choose not to share the road with our four-wheeled friends, the Minuteman Bikeway (Bedford-Cambridge) and the Nashua River Rail Trail (Ayer to Dunstable and into NH) offer traffic-free paved rails-to-trails riding.

How much does a tune-up cost?

Sorry--there is no such item at Foxco. While it seems like a natural thing to ask for after letting your bicycle sit all winter or just before you go on vacation, there's no need to "go through" the machine and "see what needs fixing"--this just wastes everyone's time and money, and it's still no guarantee that you won't break a spoke or need an adjustment midway through your trip. The best thing to do is ride the bike a bit and determine what needs attention. If it's not shifting right, or the shocks are bottoming out, that can certainly be addressed, but nobody here is looking to take your money just to find something to fix.

Can you fix my Mega*Mart bicycle?

Foxco's policy is to service items purchased here, because that's what most of the on-hand parts are for. Minor adjustments for bicycles purchased here are always free, but there will be a service fee for repairing other brands of bicycles. Bicycles sold through large discount/toy stores aren't always built to have parts repaired individually, which makes part location and replacement very difficult--and often more expensive than the initial cost of the bicycle. Simple repairs and adjustments are not usually a problem though, so please call ahead to make sure.

Can you assemble this bike I bought on the Internet?

Yes, you may have your bicycle assembled here for a fee. Please call ahead with the bicycle information for an accurate rate. Please remember though, that most bicycle purchases from online vendors and auctions are on an "as-is" condition, and few, if any, manufacturers will honor warrantees for such purchases should anything happen. As an authorized dealer of a wide array of quality bicycles with full warrantees, Foxco shares the manufacturer's views and cannot offer warrantee replacement or assistance for bicycles not purchased here.

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Do you recommend any local personal trainers?

Lou Cook, a cyclist and valued FOXCO customer, is an accomplished personal trainer. He offers several cycling-oriented services, including plans for competitive cycling and charity/benefit ride preparation as well as overall training plans for personal fitness. He is based locally in Westford, MA and may be reached via his website,

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